Friday, December 19, 2008



*Be the best that you can be with the attributes and gifts that you have*

*Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't*

*It is only after a fair portion of one's life that one really knows the people and things that matter, the things that will remain until the end*


-Enjoy the weekend!-

  • E4 is hosting Penthouse Release Party featuring Brea Lynn; this nightclub features a variety of different rooms from gothic style to a Las Vegas simulated dance experience
  • Experience Scottsdale’s talked about dive bar The Lodge where there is no VIP or dress code; gives off a lodge feel, but the food and enormous bar remind customers that they are still in Old Town
  • Uncorked Winebar and Bistro featuring hot holiday spiced sangria
  • Roy’s in North Scottsdale - try a hot-buttered rum drink to stay warm on these chilly nights
  • House 7340 at Myst with guest DJs and drink specials
  • Friday Wine Tastings at Epicurean Wine Service from 5:30 to 7:30 PM


Holiday Fun

*Go see the movie The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck, featured in only some theaters; inspiring story about a boy who comes out of tragedy to find the true meaning of Christmas

*World’s largest Gingerbread Village in Prescott with more than 100 gingerbread structures

*The Nutcracker by Ballet Arizona at Symphony Hall

*Winter Wonderland Miniature Golf with festive lights, falling snow, and other holiday displays

*Holiday Rides with Santa at The Village at Arrowhead Shopping Center


My Customer Service Rant...

~Working in customer service can really make me laugh sometimes... the people I meet and the questions that I'm asked are all over place.... they range from making me really mad to making me laugh uncontrollably and it's an experience unlike many other. 

                 I meet a variety of people everyday; those who share everything about themselves in ten minutes and then others who are rather shy or in a hurry to get to their next destination and seem to only say two words, "thank you" as they walk out.  The thing that makes me laugh the most is dealing with coupons...  Customers seem to always want to use a coupon and then keep it for their next visit... its as if they consider a paper coupon some sort of punch card or credit card, when in reality it has a one-time use value.  Then I have the customers who claim that in the computer system, under their name, is an automatic discounted coupon which can be used with every visit, seeing as though this does not exist nor did it ever, I continue to wonder where people get this information from, but it keeps me laughing.  Lastly, are those wanting to combine multiple coupons and discounts, I repeatedly have to kindly explain that most stores or companies do not let this occur because if they did they would be losing a great deal of money!

-After all this people just never cease to amaze me anymore with their actions, questions, and thoughts… I'm almost ready for any and everything!