Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Tuesday! Two-for-one drink specials tonight in the Divine Lounge. Come mingle with friends and family.  Join us under the stars on the Divine terrace while the weather is still tolerable!

"May you live every day of your life."
— Jonathan Swift

*~*Random thought of the day...For as long as people can remember we have been forced to laugh at joke after joke when interacting with people, family included.  Some knee-slappers are quite entertaining while others lack in the creativity and humorous department.  I think I notice it most when working in a customer service type position, but then again working with anyone in general, brings witty banter. Some joshing can be quite entertaining while others terribly awful. What do you do when a joke isn't funny? Do you throw out a fake laugh, smile, or something equally polite to not completely blow off the statement?  Or do you stand stiff, awkwardly awaiting the next subject?  I guess that depends on the person 

Things to do...Bars are dropping prices, hotels are running specials, and customer service has been improved, intensified, and enhanced! TAKE ADVANTAGE.

  • Rotation Tuesdays at Geisha A Go Go Asian Bistro Lounge. Tuesdays are open for local DJs who want a chance to spin for up to 30 minutes. If you get a good reaction then you may be asked to return. Sip on $3 Skyy Vodka cocktails and $2 Kirin Drafts. 
  • Eat at the Canal for TV Dinner Tuesdays. The price is $19.95 per meal. Choose from meatloaf, chicken pot pie, lobster macaroni and cheese, and many others. Dinner is served on TV dinner-style platters with a 30-foot projection screen showing television classics such as "I Love Lucy."  This activity sounds like such a good time and a great way to mix up the routine of life! http://www.canalaz.com/
This week...
  • Visit the American Fine Art Editions to see LeRoy Neiman's artwork, one of our most important artists living today. He is one of the most popular artists in the U.S.; drawing sports, animal portraits, celebrity portraits (contributing to Playboy), CBS Super Bowl computer art, and depictions of famous locations. Be sure to visit his work as it is highly regarded. To find out more visit the galleries website, http://www.americanfineartgallery.com/artists/Leroy_Neiman/neiman_bio.html. The visit is free and you can call 480-990-1200 for more information. 
  • Eat ice cream for charity at Ben and Jerry's to support prevention programs and services for HIV/AIDS when purchasing the flavor "Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road."