Saturday, May 9, 2009

*~*Catch "early bird" drink specials tonight in the Divine Lounge from 9 PM -12 AM. Sip on $3 domestics and $4 well cocktails.*~*

    Last night I went out to Old Town and had a great time. We started the night off at Stingray Sushi which was by far one of the best sushi places I had been to in a long time! The funny thing, is that I don't even really like sushi, but I always agree to go for the sake and Sapporo beer.  Plus, I had a friend in town and he was in the mood for sushi. I was really impressed with everything overall and so was my guest in from Ohio. The wait was suppose to be like some 25 minutes, but they got us in, in probably about 15 minutes and this was a Friday night. We asked for first available and landed an amazing spot on the patio. The staff was really fantastic...our waitress was really great, the hostess were lovely, and the manager as well. I felt very taken care of overall and the sushi was very fresh! I did learn that I do not like octopus very much, but the spicy crab roll was delicious and so was the Las Vegas roll (I believe that is the name?)
...P.S. When you first walk beware of the aquarium built into the floor...I felt like I was going to trip or fall into the water! And on my way out after a few sake bombs... I seriously felt like I was going to take a swim, ha.
  We then visited Hotel Indigo Scottsdale to catch the end of Afro:Baile Record's Bossa Nova Lounge. We arrived a little after 10 and the place was still full of guests. Everyone looked like they were having a terrific time and all seemed very comfortable and relaxed. We missed the band by a hair, but did enjoy DJ Seduce. http://www.myspace.com/djseduce
   The vibe was pleasant and both of my friends really adored the atmosphere and loved the outdoor terrace. There were some really cute sandals for sale and various other items that I did not get a chance to look at.

...The night received a lot of positive feedback from guests...

"We had an excellent time"

“ Lovely night"
   After our visit to Hotel Indigo we then attempted to move to the W, where on Friday and Saturday nights, you apparently have to be a guest or buy a table to even get inside? It was a tad bit frustrating and I think a little overboard, but oh well I guess our guest would miss out on the "typical" Scottsdale crowd. No big deal!
Lastly, we headed to the waterfront area and stopped at my favorite restaurant, Olive and Ivy. The inside was dead, but the lush and beautiful outside patio which overlooks the canal was packed. We searched for open chairs and couches, but ended up siting in-between two couples, a little awkward, but it was the only spot available! The good thing is our waitress was phenomenal and carried a smile even though she was running around the entire night! I love great service. We got our drinks and dessert quickly and she even made sure we put in orders before last call was over. Overall, the night was fantastic and Downtown, Scottsdale was surely the place to be.
**I felt like I was in Hollywood or Vegas...there were lines everywhere! From Axis-Radius, to Pussycat Lounge to Crown Room, but everyone was all smiles. Parking started to get full around 10ish, but there is valet and bike service everywhere! I love going out in this area because I always discover new hidden secrets.  There is a variety of ages and the dress code bears no limit! You can dress however you want and receive little judgement, this was very refreshing!  Every time I go out to downtown Scottsdale I have a marvelous evening and meet a lot of new people.