Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Ordinary happy moments are gifts rather than rewards"

Just a thought..."Playing hooky"… such a strange expression. Have you ever played hooky from work or school? I am sure at one point or another we all have. Life can be stressful and with all of the responsibilities that school and work bring, it’s nice to have a break sometimes.
*Put your feet up and take a breather with us this week!*

I found a very interesting article today about the hospitality industry....

“A picture may be worth a thousand words…but most hotel PR & Marketing managers today would be at a loss for words at the plague of user generated photos out on the Internet today.”

When searching the internet for Hotel Indigo Scottsdale I have found nothing, but positive beautiful images. Yes, great pictures from professional photographers do sell, but so do our guest photos found on various websites. What we provide on our internet is what you get when you stay at our hotel! Visit Trip Advisor for yourself… http://www.tripadvisor.com/Search?q=hotel+indigo+scottsdale

“Hoteliers may need to get used to the fact that competing with their ‘official’ previews of what to expect, past guests have provided quite an unflattering visual footprint for those to follow. It’s no secret that hotels pay thousands of dollars for painstakingly taken, doctored photos that would entice even the most hardened globetrotter to positively drool in anticipation…and hit that book button.”

You can read more about this at, http://www.hotelemarketer.com/hotel-internet-marketing/hotel-emarketing-best-practices/say-cheese-youre-on-candid-cam/

*~*I love Sundays. They are such wonderful lounge days. I spent most of mine by the pool, doing laundry, and attempting to clean my place. I think I am now watching my third DVD? Wow, how the day flies when you’re enjoying yourself.

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