Sunday, March 29, 2009

*~*"Happy" Monday*~*

Scottsdale is Scottsdale. Personally, I believe that you either love it or hate it, and on the rare occasion, find it just alright. To me, Scottsdale is made up of two almost completely different parts. You have your South Scottsdale/Downtown area and then you have North Scottsdale a more residential type sector. If your looking for a desert type mountain environment then North Scottsdale is for you, but if you are looking for the infamous nightlife and the center of all activity then the downtown area is where you should be!

Scottsdale is great for the shopper, party person, single guy/gal, art goer, sports person, and hotel lover. It is a beautiful area to walk around in and catch some rays as the guest said below, but it is also a unique place and one where people are very similar. It has never been known for its racial diversity and that is where it earns many of its stereotypes. It is the home of superficiality; blonde hair, VIP royalty treatment, model type bodies, risque environments, but also the home of beautiful peaceful hotels, a fantastic art gallery district, and golfers haven. In every location you take the good and the bad and in reality Scottsdale is not for everyone, but some find comfort in the known and in a place where there is a plethora of events... if it may only be the sun!  In any case life is what you make it and I think vacations are too.

I myself, love the cleanliness of the area and the look of crisp blacktop

*~*Hope that your week is wonderful and if it happens to be one of those maniac Mondays then party at Cream Stereo Lounge! It is the only industry night on Mondays in Old Town! To find out more, http://www.creamstereolounge.com/. If you happen to be off Monday or decide to take an "extra long lunch," then catch one of the last spring training games at Scottsdale Stadium. The game begins at 1:05 and the San Francisco Giants take on the Texas Ranger!

UP AND COMING...*Tempe Music Festival starts this weekend April 3rd at 3 PM. Enjoy a variety of music on the water. Headlining Friday, April 3rd is Kid Rock with Roger Clyne, Peacemakers, Pop Evil, and Cowboy Mouth and Saturday the headliner band is All American Rejects with Three Doors Down! Talk about some impressive bands! The Valley Metro is extending the light-rail hours to 12:30 AM during the festival. To find out more visit, http://www.livenation.com/