Wednesday, March 4, 2009

  Today I was hit with some hard life realities you know outstanding bills, family drama, work scheduling issues... basically the whole nine yards! Anything and everything that could have gone wrong today, on my day off I might add, did! In the back of my mind I should have picked up that extra shift or babysat for the afternoon, but instead I had high expectations for an afternoon off! In hopes of enjoying the beautiful spring weather that we are blessed with in Arizona, I had to sit on the phone with countless people and be put on hold several times!

  Instead of meeting my friends for a spring training game, http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/Assets/documents/Downtown/STSched09.pdf, I had to sit inside! The good news for me and everyone else is that spring training games are being held all month and guess what? You can now take the Scottsdale trolley to the Scottsdale Stadium from various Old Town Scottsdale spots. Catch some lunch and a cocktail around Fashion Square Mall and jump on the trolley, which runs every ten minutes, to watch the San Francisco Giants take on various teams. For more information visit http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/trolley/Trolley_Info_for_2009_Spring_Training.asp

  Days like today are frustrating and make me want to curl up in a ball and pretend that everything will just go away, but sadly it doesn't, and therefore I go out and enjoy a drink or two with warm, fun, and familiar faces who force me to forget about all my troubles! After a crappy day off or a long day at work and facing the many frustrations that life may bring, the last thing I want is rude and slow service when I'm trying to enjoy a cocktail or dinner with friends. I am partial to Hotel Indigo because of its fast and completely down to earth service, which can be hard to find in Scottsdale!
"I particularly wanted to thank the Hotels General manager, Mr. Wilson. We had some problems with lost luggage and after overhearing our dilemma, Mr. Wilson dropped everything to help us retrieve our bags (which we did) and in addition, he was so helpful in guiding us to nearby shops so that we could purchase some interim items. It truly made our day that a GM would make his staff and himself available to help us. I’ve never experienced that before and as a result, will come back this Hotel again!"
*To go to a place where even the general manager is willing to drop everything for their customers is absolutely incredible to me and was to this visitor as well! Tonight enjoy the Divine Lounge's happy hour and see for yourself!

*Yes, the economy is hitting so many of us, but there are a variety of free activities to enjoy in Scottsdale!
-Every Thursday night from 7-9 PM enjoy a free art walk through the Scottsdale Art District or walk through the Museum of Contemporary arts from 10 AM to 8 PM
-Friday and Saturday offer free stagecoach rides from 1 to 4 PM at the Brown and Main intersection
-Every Saturday enjoy Old Town Farmer's Market from 8:30 AM to 1 PM
And this was just to name a few! For a complete list, visit http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/downtown.asp