Monday, March 9, 2009

*I hope that your weekend was fantastic and that you enjoyed the rare site of clouds in Phoenix. I myself, dislike more than one cloudy day in a row and have all the sudden been freezing because the temperature hasn't reached the 80's! Sadly, as soon as the summer comes around i'll be itching to feel cold again, but for now I'll enjoy the heavenly weather that March and April brings to the valley! 
The best advice for the summer is to enjoy one of the many indoor activities that Scottsdale has to offer, or a vacation/day-vacation at Hotel Indigo, where you can take pleasure in a stimulating swim and an air conditioned room.  This summer you can also stay cool with a refreshing cold glass of water in the lobby. The friendly, helpful faces will be glad to assist when your hands are full from beating the heat in the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.
"Julio, who stopped what he was doing to help me pour a glass of water from the wonderful iced lemon water cooler in the foyer when he saw I only had one hand free to fill my glass."

~I laid in bed last night, thinking the most random thought as I starred into my closet. I looked at the shoes hanging on my shoe rack and started to wonder what shoe am I? Am I the polka-dot converse gym shoe, the black leather heel, the tan ballet flat, the Nike running shoe, or the beach flip flop? Could I be a combination of all four or could the combination just be my uncertainty about myself? I think our personalities are all comprised of multiple shoes, at least I hope, even though one may be worn more than others. That's what I love about Hotel Indigo, it fits every shoe, from the Converse lover to the high heel and every style in-between. "It was a great place to come home [to] at the end of the day."

*Two for one Tuesdays in the Divine Lounge are for everyone! These are drink specials on your favorite well drinks or domestic beers*

*Grammy winner Adele is performing at the Marquee Theatre tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th, at 7 PM! Catch her show while you can, many of the upcoming dates are completely sold out. http://www.martiniranchaz.net/