Monday, March 2, 2009

On Friday night some friends of mine called me up and invited me to join them in Old Town Scottsdale. I decided that I needed a change of pace and felt like it was time to break out the high heels and my "promiscuous" dresses once again. A one time regular at clubs like Axis Radius, Dirty Pretty, and Suede, I found myself with the ranks of many others and in a relationship. I quote on quote, "fell off the face of the earth," and in my boredom found myself back in my old stomping grounds. I would once again go out and face the crazy Scottsdale nightlife.

My friends on the other hand are still true-blooded "Scottsdale people," they enjoy the ear-piercing nightclubs, expensive drinks, ritzy environment, silicone tanned bodies, and the crowds of good-looking men and women. They decided on Axis Radius Nightclub where we had our VIP connection from the friends that we knew who worked there. Personally, I can't face a nightclub when I have to wait in line at the door, pay cover, wait in line again to get a drink, and ultimately in the end have nowhere to sit, but on the toilet unless a bottle is purchased. Of course a seat or otherwise known as a table aka VIP consists on paying triple for a bottle of vodka that one could buy for between $20-$40.00 at the grocery. In general your paying for a personal cocktail waitress, one or two small couches, and a table made for 2-4 people. The table usually runs you at least $100 something dollars and that doesn't include the forty-dollar plus tip your suppose to leave for your waitress... who by the end of the night disappears. There was 10 of us, because at this day and age, who can afford to go with less? We squeezed in to our small designated area and began to drink up our bottle. In the end, once the had alcohol had hit us, we had a pretty great time! I mean who doesn't love to be pushed and shoved on the dance floor with a hundred other sweaty people? When the mood is right and when and if you can just let your hair down the Scottsdale nightclubs are the place to be! Especially, when enjoying a vacation. You will experience a night like none other!

Before joining the ranks of my friends my boyfriend and I started the evening off in Hotel Indigo's Divine Lounge. The Divine Lounge is what I would call "my scene." A beautiful setting, a tranquil pool, friendly FRIENDLY service, and an engaging patio area. The minute we walked up to the hotel, before even going inside, we were greeted by an outgoing valet, then by a cordial front-desk man, and later by sociable and upbeat bartenders. We grabbed cocktails and sat outside relaxed around the bonfire. Truth be told, I didn't even want to leave the hotel as I could faintly already hear the nightclub music from the balcony. The atmosphere with it's comfortable lounge type furniture is the perfect place to catch a bite to eat or a cocktail any day of the week! I love it! Not to mention the less than two-minute walk to hotspots like The Crown Room, Pussycat Lounge, Suede, Axis Radius, and MANY MANY more!

*On Tuesdays enjoy two-for-one drink specials on your favorite well drinks or domestic beers in the Divine Lounge*