Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TUESDAY, March 24th

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and comfortable. We all form our niches and find warmth in routine and the usual everyday activities. I know I do, even when I say I am sick of the norm, I still enjoy the serenity of the known. When we do explore outside our bubbles everyone wants to feel special, liked, loved, welcomed, and invited.  Otherwise, one would never try anything new!  Step outside of your box Friday night April 10th and join the Brazilian community, fans, and admirers for a truly fantastic and memorable evening.  This event will make you feel warm and fuzzy with a staff that goes above and beyond,  

"Employee's Bric the valet/bellman greeter, Loyyd the engineer, and our housekeeper I beleave Gigi, were all excellent and helped make our trip so much more enjoyable. Also Micheal L was very helpful in setting up with our hotel arrangements. Everybody was great." 

*Hotel Indigo presents a new bi-weekly event called "Bossa Nova Lounge," which will celebrate Brazilian culture! This event will be filled with Brazilian music, rotating guest artists, a variety of fashion boutiques, and designers. Come one, come all and honor a beautiful country and culture! The event is hosted by Afro:Baile Records, the founders of DJ Seduce, whom offer the global sound of world beat. This event will launch April 10th at 7:30 PM at Hotel Indigo. Discover the colors of Hotel Indigo, enjoy the dynamic and inspiring atmosphere, and unwind to the grooves of Bossa Nova, Samba, Jazz,and Electronica. Be the first to enjoy a one of a kind event in Arizona!*

  • Music by DJ Seduce and Som Brasil Trio
  • Rotating fashion and art by Vocelinda and David Ware
  • Brazilian culture expert to show why Brazil is the Mecca of beautiful people
  • Choice drinks include: Caipirinhas (the national cocktail of Brazil), Martinis, and assorted drink specials offered throughout the evening

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