Friday, March 13, 2009

THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!  And FINALLY to anyone who had an extra long week!

*Join Hotel Indigo all weekend long in the Divine Lounge for drink specials. $3 domestics and $4 well drinks when you visit the hotel for "early bird" specials before hitting the infamous Scottsdale nightlife.*

I really wish that I could fill my days and nights with activities that I wanted to participate in and with people that I wanted to see. Instead, I work and tend to get locked into family events on days off and miss out on the game I wanted to see or the rays I wanted to catch at the pool.  It seems like this mundane routine, called life, never stops and there is always somewhere to be!  Does it ever end or does life continue to be this way until you retire or get lucky and strike at rich?  Sometimes, I literally want to pout like a child and just do what I want, but then I quickly bring myself back down to reality before acting like a fool.  
The only way to get past it all, is to mix up the nights or at least the weekends with some good old fashion fun!  I don't care what the event is, heck... looking for something different?  
  • Check out the 21st annual Ostrich Festival at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler!  The festival runs all weekend for only $9.  To find out more visit, http://www.ostrichfestival.com/
Even if your tired after a long day or the whole next day due to "recovering," enjoy yourself.  
  • Release stress tomorrow at Martini Ranch with two great bands performing; Rocco Deluca and the Burden at 7 PM and Rock Lobster at 10:30 PM.  The first band is an alternative rock band and the second is an 80's cover band.  http://www.martiniranchaz.net/
It's funny how on the weekend or on your day off you plan on doing so much and then when you get the time off, all you want to do is sleep or relax on the couch.  I myself, will make plans and obligations and then when the evening rolls around I don't even want to leave the house!  Now I know why busy people "fall off the face of the earth."  
  • How about a relaxing Sunday with Mimosas and art?  Participate and relax in the Scottsdale Arts District from 12-4 PM! 

**Mark your calenders and experience the hotel that everyone is raving about.  The event is Thursday, March 19th and features live entertainment, art, and wine tasting!  Jazz music provided by DJ Seduce, art by Sabrina Peros, and Jeff Blaum, winemaker, will be pouring Chase Cellars critically acclaimed Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel.  Click the image below to find out more!