Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is it not the worse when Tuesdays feel like Mondays? That is the type of day that I am having today. Not feeling too hot, family left and I am feeling kind of lonely, and the truth of the matter...I am just not in the mood to do much work on my slowly progressing novel or anything else. What is it about Tuesdays anyway?  They are just an odd day of the week, not good for much of anything except work maybe?!  Possibly, a happy hour will make me feel better?

*Two-for-one Tuesdays at Hotel Indigo in the Divine Lounge on well drinks and domestics is always a great choice. Friendly quick service is necessary after a long day!
"Everybody was great"
"...Every single staff member has went out of their way to see if we needed anything..."
...maybe some networking at Six Lounge with their appetizers and drink specials on their Society Tuesdays?
Then again
...I could always go to Native New Yorker for their wing Tuesdays...30 cent wings all day, why not?
...Kona Gril is always a winner and a social spot for happy hour from 3 to 7 PM.
  • There are always people to meet and friendly attractive faces to talk to for those looking to mingle. 
That is ONLY if I make it home in time for American Idol and then 90210. I love my television shows, it actually gives me something to look forward too after a long day, being that I do not have a hubby or children yet!

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