Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3 2009

A traveler’s nightmare turns into a wonderful trip thanks to the Hotel Indigo staff…

“I just wanted to point out that I am traveling with my husband and four kids and that the day of our arrival we had several issues.”

…Traveling with kids can oftentimes take the fun out of a vacation. I suppose that traveling through airports in general is very stressful; dealing with security, people everywhere, and long lines can also make vacations not so great.
In addition, walking to the gate brings a mystery, will the plane take off on time or will the electronic board have the terrifying word, “DELAYED,” on it? Will the gate have changed or can I finally take a seat before boarding the flight?

“Our travels to Arizona included over six hours of delays plus over a four hour flight.”

Next, you finally board the plane, hopefully carrying food and snacks to avoid additional charges and if lucky land a window or an aisle seat. Patiently, you then sit while everyone slowly piles onto the airplane. Hoping that the flight is smooth from then on, you anticipate that the takeoff is not delayed and that there is a gate prepared for your airplane.

“Needless to say, by the time we arrived at the hotel we were all very exhausted and not very happy.”

When finally arriving at the destination and hotel you want nothing, but smooth sailing from then on out.

“The staff at your hotel was very quick with checking us in to our room, sending us a crib for my youngest son, and offering to help in any way possible.”

This is the type of trip that we all hope to have…an enjoyable escape from the “real world” and a time to relax and enjoy family, friends, and the finer moments in life.

“Through-out our stay, every single staff member has went out of their way to see if we need anything and ensure this is a great trip for me and my family. Thank you Hotel Indigo Scottsdale.”

Thank you Nicole and family for a wonderful customer service review of 100 percent. We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon!