Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

*~*The new Saturday is tonight, Thirsty Thursday! Join Hotel Indigo in the Divine Lounge with PHEED. Listen to acoustical renditions of your favorite songs while enjoying $5 martinis and $5 house wines. It is a perfect way to end the day and renew yourself from a long week before the extended holiday weekend begins. http://www.myspace.com/wwmyspacecomrodny

*Just a thought… sometimes I think that the past should really be called the forgotten or the “lets never think about it again.” As I cleaned up my room I found old pictures of me and people I never even think about or talk to anymore, but yet friends I could never live without at that time and place. It is sad how we change, move away, and lose contact. You get use to the comforts of where you live and who you know, and then sadly they change. It is hard to deal with sometimes, but growing up is a part of life and so are the stages of life.
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~*The hottest valley party is at Cream Lounge, the newest bar and nightclub in Old Town Scottsdale. Tonight, special guest DJ Crush’N the Decks playing the best beats all night long. Ladies get in for free and everyone receives two-for-one drinks before 11 PM. Thursdays bring a crazy party, located off 3rd and Drinkwater. Party starts at 9 PM.