Monday, April 6, 2009

Sleepless Sunday...

*As I sat around this morning trying to figure out the new social network of Twitter, I realized that there are a ton of different applications all used for different purposes. The steps seem simple, but it is still taking me a little while to get a hang of it all. I think the website is a great idea for any business and it seems to be getting a great deal of publicity. In a world full of social media websites, from Twitter to MySpace and everything in-between, life seems to be all about staying connected in the digital age. If you want to succeed in this day and age, then you have to be a part of it all. The struggle is finding followers, maintaining followers, and posting information that people are interested in reading and since I am not famous… it is hard to reach the amount of followers that some users have.

…And now it’s after midnight and I am still playing on this twitter site… it is a pretty great site and actually quite addicting.

Nevertheless, try something a little more relaxing this Monday Night

  • Monday nights at Furio in Old Town, Scottsdale hosts manicures and margaritas. For anyone who is stressing over the economy, but still wants to keep their nails looking great then this is the event to attend. Manicures are only $10 and they offer pizza and pasta for around $6 or $7! The place gets busy so arrive right away at 5 PM or after 8 PM. The event runs from 5 to 9 PM. This event is held for both men and women, so men don’t be shy!
  • Can’t make it on Monday then Salty Senorita hosts the margaritas and manicures every Wednesday in North Scottsdale for $12. This is a great place to relax and drink! The event is less crowded, but a few dollars more expensive. Both guys and girls can enjoy the experience!

~Are you on spring break or vacation and looking for that “crazy” Monday night party? Then join Toxic Monday at Zuma on Mill Ave at 9 PM. This monday features:

  • Movie premiere party for Observe and Report with Seth Rogen…will this be another success for the comedian/actor?
  • NCAA college basketball championship game will be on television