Sunday, April 26, 2009

*~*Tomorrow evening experience Brian Chartrand in the Divine Lounge for a night full of musical harmony. Every song is rooted in a classic acoustic folk tradition while pushing the limits of what a "single/songwriter" album should sound like. Releasing four albums in 2008 and working even harder this year by playing with time signatures, eastern influenced instrumentation, and major/minor chord progressions.*~*
For more information visit, http://www.myspace.com/brianchartrand

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"The two(2) ladies who serve breakfast in the bar area .. I think one is Stephanie are both fantastic. They remember me, confirm my morning Chai Tea order and are a pleasure."

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"John one of the "happy hour" bartenders again is a pleasure to see as he greets you with a smile and makes you feel like the important guest we are. "

Hotel Employees
Friendliness of front desk staff?
"3 - Better than Expected"
Employees' knowledge of hotel, facilities and activities?
"3 - Better than Expected"
Employees' 'can-do' attitude?
"3 - Better than Expected"

How did Hotel Indigo Scottsdale make you feel during your stay? Did you feel ___________?


3 - Better than Expected


3 - Better than Expected


3 - Better than Expected


3 - Better than Expected


3 - Better than Expected


3 - Better than Expected


3 - Better than Expected

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****X-Men Origins: Wolverine' World Premiere is tomorrow night, April 27th at Tempe Marketplace. 5 AM fans can line up for the red-carpet gala. The stars are expected to arrive at 5 PM, and the movie screening begins at 7 PM! The premiere was won through a Twentieth Century Fox online contest. Catch Hugh Jackman and his costars for a red carpet premiere. For more information on this larger-than-life event visit,
-No babysitter for the movies? Try the Harkins PlayCenter for only $6.00.